We value your interest in becoming an Authorized Dealer (AD) of ART LEGENDS INC, and hope that you will join us in upholding integrity and value in art reproductions. Please read these pages thoroughly, enter the requested information at the bottom, sign, and return.

The following are set forth to preserve the integrity and value of each piece of artwork that is published by ART LEGENDS INC for artist Andy Thomas (AT)

YOUR WEBSITE: Offering the reproductions on your website at the publishers full suggested retail price is welcomed. Each image should be watermarked with your company name.

EDITIONS: Limited, signed and numbered editions will be our focus. Keeping these competitively priced and limited will uphold the integrity and value of the artwork. *Some editions will no longer be available for purchase. *Some pricing may have changed. *Edition numbers will not be reserved for any one (AD). *Special Edition offers for Brick and Mortar galleries. *Some editions may have limited purchase quantity.

NEW RELEASES: You will be notified by email when there is a new release (or a special promo). For instance, we have some exciting releases planned for Fall 2018.

OPEN EDITIONS CHANGES: *Only a SIGNED option. Absolutely no unsigned papers or canvas will be sold. *Some sizes of the open paper will change to achieve uniformity. *A minimum of 12 per order.

INTELLECTUAL COPYRIGHT: In addition to publishing (AT) images we will, as the publisher, protect his intellectual copyright and will implement the following:

IMAGE USAGE: As a dealer, you do not retain the right to reproduce any Andy Thomas images or knowingly allow someone else to do so. This would be an infringement of an artist’s Intellectual Copyright. Additionally, each of Andy Thomas’ images are registered at the U.S. Library of Congress.

IMAGE ALTERING: Brushstroke, glazing, cropping, canvas transferring, or any other type of altering of a published image will not be permitted, as well as the framing of his book pages, brochures, notecards or calendar pages with the intent to sell.

SELLING: You may sell directly to your collectors through your physical store or website at the suggested retail price. If we can help you in any way, don’t hesitate to contact us. Reselling to entities that are not Authorized Dealers is not permitted.

MARKETPLACE SELLING: In an effort to maintain integrity and value there will be no discount store or marketplace selling for ART LEGENDS INC images including Andy Thomas’. This includes Amazon, Etsy, Wayfair, Walmart, Sam’s Club, K-Mart, and similar websites. These sites will continue to be gleaned for non-authorized sellers, discounted prices and illegal reproductions that need to be removed.

EBAY & AUCTION SITES: In an effort to maintain integrity and value we will go forth in this manner: Any Authorized Dealer (AD) selling on EBAY, or any other auction site, must send us their seller name – store name. This provides us ease of distinguishing who is one of our (AD) and who is not (and shouldn’t be selling). Additionally, if you sell on EBAY, the items listed must be at our suggested retail price.There will be no exceptions to this. If discounted pricing is posted, you will no longer be an Authorized Dealer.

PURCHASING: Once you accept the Terms & Agreement contract and are accepted as an (AD) of ART LEGENDS INC, you will be able to: *Access the wholesale site by completing a short registration form. *Once received and reviewed, you can access the wholesale website to order. *Estimated production date is May 15th *There will be a $600 minimum purchase requirement (before shipping charge) *Order will be payable upon check out.
SHIPPING: Shipping will be about 2 weeks, possibly sooner. We anticipate many orders upon the opening of the website, so initially we anticipate a full 2 weeks. Shipping and handling will be added to your total order at check-out. We will try to keep shipping charges to a minimum but with different items being shipped in different manners it is difficult to economize but we will give it every attempt. Please keep your shipping charges in mind when ordering your items.

DROP-SHIPPING: ART LEGENDS INC will only ship directly to your gallery or shop. Drop shipping will not be available.

ANDY THOMAS: has been a retail site for many years. The website will continue to purchase and sell its own stock as in the past. If the site has stock in a sold-out item, that is their stock and their right to sell retail.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions stated.